How Do I…

Below are PDF files that show how to do various software tasks.

Program Open/Save Files Enter Data Preferences Tie-up Tools NameDrafts Alt Colors   WIF Help Files
Fiberworks PDF PDF PDF PDF  
PixeLoom PDF PDF PDF  
ProWeave PDF PDF  
WeaveItPro PDF PDF PDF  
WeavePoint PDF PDF PDF  
WeaveDesign PDF PDF PDF   Help
DBWeave   Help
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Open and Save Files: Including Proprietary files, WIF files, and graphics files

Proprietary files belong to a software program. These are the files that each software program creates for its own use. WIF files are a generic weaving software file. Graphics files are pictures that allow you to design from your own images.

Enter Data: threading, treadling, colors, thickness, etc in the draft.

Preferences: Set the defaults for the software including # of shafts, treadles, displays, etc

Tie-up Tools: In Progress

  1. Enter first treadle, generate twill (done)
  2. Fill with twills, etc.
  3. Manipulate tie-up, quadrants, etc.
  4. Rearrange keeping drawdown same.
  5. Rearrange changing drawdown.
  6. Change face or invert twill.
  7. Interactive drawdown. If you click in the drawdown, it changes the tie-up.

NameDrafts: In Progress

  • Doing a Namedraft is a method of creating an original draft. You will not see letters.
  • There are several methods for creating namedrafts.
  • Namedrafts are usually woven as small overshot patterns.
  • Namedrafts produce 4-block designs.
  • ‘Let’s do a namedraft.’ will be used to illustrate the various methods.