MMAWG Drafting and Software

May 2021 meet on 15 or 22.

Agenda – how often to meet?  day of the week and time preferred?  Drop in help time?

Topic.  Fiberworks — going through the menu system   What tools and how to use them.  Other software request?




April 2021  Adding Color to Drafts.

A favorite draft to color from the Strickler book is #728 on page 228.  The draft is a twill variation.

Click here to download Wif file


Below are some color examples.  I am working on getting the weaver’s name attached to their fabric.

The draft at the top of the page is #728  I changed the color at the end of 1 repeat.








4-shaft Draft.  Ginny’s Coat from Davison, p 30.  Wif file = Ginnys Coat-Davison-p30