HFL381R Materials

Was a class taught at Brigham Young University. Provided are PDF files or materials that were used in the class during Winter Semester 2005.

Packet/Syllabus from HFL381

Part 1, assignments and forms PDF
Part 2, samples PDF
Page 13-14 Drawdown assignment


HGA: www.weavespindye.org
Links and lessons for Card Weaving, Inkle Weaving and others: www.weavershand.com
Instructions for narrow wares: www.stringpage.com
Kumihimo project: www.qvade.dk/paulette/Swap4.htm
Card Weaving and Ply Split Braiding: www.lindahendrickson.com
Drafts as Wif files: handweaving.net
Tartan setts: www.scottish-tartans-society.co.uk/